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The program to make dance music on your PC quite quickly
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Dance e-Jay 7 is the latest version of the popular program for music creating. If you are inwardly a Disk Jockey or just like dance music and want to make a song for your taste, this program is really for you. You will like a nice, stylish interface with beautiful and handy buttons. The prompts and the short descriptions of the main menu as well as buttons will help you to master the program.
The program offers 5000 samples, loops and beats and 4 virtual instruments: sampler, multitracks drum machine, bass synth and poly synth. The virtual instruments are managed in the easy way for the beginner or in the second mode for advanced users. Therewith you can make songs from the sound clips or create them note after note.
The program gives wide opportunities for music creating and editing. Sample Studio allows you to create and edit your own sounds taking them from an external file. You can perform operations with 'fade in' and 'fade out' effects and other functions including direct mixing, time stretching, functions using sample studio FX Chain: selecting effects of Reverb, Chorus, Echo, Equalizer, Compressor. Another studio is Sound clip editor, which helps to edit the sound clip from the program track or to make a new sound clip. The sound clip consists of parts (sounds), which you can turn on or off as you wish. Master effects let add effects directly to your song (track). They are Echo, Reverb, Chorus, Compressor, Distortion and more and depend only on the power of your PC. In addition to that, you can change the track settings: volume, panning and speed.
File manager allows to adjust music tracks and to perform file operations easily and quickly. The program includes the CD burning option to record your track directly to CD.
To sum it up, it can be said, that the program contains all the necessary things to create quite respectable dance music.

Anna Kovalysheva
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  • Quite enough possibilities for dance music editing
  • The short descriptions of the main menu and buttons
  • Free to download


  • Only dance music genre
  • Low quality of the tracks
  • Limited possibilities
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